Thank You For Your Kind Words

Dear Coach Robinson,

Sam McCreedy here, father of Jack who has been in one class of P’tit Trot,...last Thursday. I had hoped to write last Friday, but did not get your email until today.

I am writing as a former volleyball coach, volleyball camp and clinic entrepreneur, high school English teacher and as a parent who has had his child in several to many “classes” (swimming, soccer, crafts, basketball, hockey, etc.) over the few years of the child’s existence.

Coach Robinson in short you are good.  Your horse, “Sunshine,” was an excellent choice for a new rider.  The first 20 to 30 minutes of the class is excellent in my estimation of what’s important in the world.  Most importantly your gently firm manner coupled with your knowledge of riding and of youngsters is top notch throughout all of my experience with top notch teachers of sport and of academics. Don’t let it go to your head,...tomorrow’s another day, but know that after one session I am SOOO GLAD my son is in your class.  

I don’t care if he never gets on a horse after these eight classes (although our hope is that he will, over 4 years, go through Platinum) what matters is that he is with an excellent teacher who cares both about both the subject matter and about the student.  That makes him lucky and me grateful.

With Respect, Sincerely,

Sam McCreedy,

PS-If at anytime you feel you might have a need for a young person to muck stalls, haul water or hay, shine boots, clean saddles and other tack, etc. I would love it if my son could be considered --  riding is nice, knowing how to work matters more to me

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